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Board meetings - schedule, agendas and Spotlight news

Board Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month during the regular school year, from September to June, with the exception of December. In December, the Annual General Meeting will be held the first Tuesday and the Regular Board Meeting on the third Tuesday. All meetings are open to the public, and take place in the Boardroom of the Catholic Education Centre (CEC) at 570 West Hunt Club Road in Nepean. View the Procedural By-Laws, revised on January 27, 2016.

Meeting agendas, minutes, and Spotlight news

Meeting agendas are posted to this website each Monday before each regularly scheduled meeting. The electronic files are interactive. Once you open the PDF document, you can click on any item in the left-side bookmark panel to skip directly to that section. The meeting minutes from the previous meeting can be found in the next Board agenda. After each meeting, our Communications Department produces the Boardroom Spotlight, an online news blog which summarizes major Board decisions for quick reference.  

Do you need information in an alternate format?

Call us at 613-224-4455 Ext 2306 if you are having trouble viewing information on our website or in our Board meeting agendas and minutes. We will be happy to speak with you and help you get the information you need. Email us at Accessibility@ocsb.ca if you need information presented to you in an alternate format. Tell us your name, what information you are looking for, and how to get it to you.

Appearing as a guest at a regular meeting

The Board of Trustees welcomes constructive input from the public during Board meetings. People can appear as a delegation or present at a public session.  In recognition of our Catholic values and standards of decorum, civility and propriety, guidelines have been created to promote an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Guests will be informed on the guidelines prior to the start of the Board meeting.

How to appear as a delegation at a meeting

Delegations can be made up of a maximum of two people. Each delegation will be given ten minutes to speak at the meeting. The reason for the delegation, the names of the presenters, and copies of their presentations will be published in the meeting agenda and minutes. There is a maximum of two delegations allowed at each meeting. If necessary, the Chairperson has the discretion to allow for additional presenters or an extension of presentation time. Complete a Delegation Registration Form and submit it no later than seven dates before the meeting. Email the form to Kathy.Hodgins@ocsb.ca or mail it to the OCSB to the attention of Kathy Hodgins, Executive Officer to the Director of Education. 

How to present during the public session portion of a meeting

Guests can address the Board during the public session portion of a meeting. Guest presenters are asked to sign in at least ten minutes before the start of the 7:30 pm meeting. Presenters will be asked to come forward in order of names appearing on the sign-in sheet. Other guests of the meeting (who are not presenting) should remain seated behind the presentation table. Each presenter is provided a maximum of five minutes for their presentation. If necessary, the Chairperson has the discretion to allow for an extension of presentation time.

Contact us

Kathy Hodgins
Executive Officer to the Director of Education

Phone: 613-224-4455 ext 2271
Fax: 613-228-4158

Meeting information for the current 2016-2017 school year

 Date of meeting  Agenda  Spotlight
 September 13, 2016  Agenda Spotlight
 September 27,  2016  Agenda Spotlight
 October 11, 2016  Agenda Spotlight
 October 25, 2016  Agenda Spotlight
 November 8, 2016  Agenda Spotlight
 November 22, 2016  Agenda Spotlight
 December 6, 2016
 Annual General Meeting
 Agenda Spotlight
 December 20, 2016  Agenda Spotlight
 January 10, 2017  Agenda Spotlight
 January 24, 2017  Agenda Spotlight
 February 14, 2017  Agenda Spotlight
 February 28, 2017  Agenda
 March 14, 2017  meeting cancelled 
 March 28, 2017  Agenda Spotlight
 April 11, 2017  Agenda Spotlight
 April 25, 2017  Agenda Spotlight
 May 9, 2017  Agenda Spotlight
 May 23, 2017  Agenda
 June 13, 2017  Agenda Spotlight
 June 20, 2017  Agenda NR 17.07
 June 27, 2017  Agenda Spotlight

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