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Catholicity - List of Catholic Faiths (eligible for regular admission)

A Roman Catholic baptismal certificate for either the child OR their parent is required to register for junior kindergarten to grade 8 ONLY. The baptismal certificate of a common-law spouse, divorced parent, or step-parent is also acceptable. Members of Catholic Churches who recognize the Pope as the Head of the Church are eligible for admission. The following Catholic faiths are also eligible for regular admission:







Ambrosian Catholic

Croatian Catholic

Italo Byzantine Catholic

Roman Byzantine Catholic


Armenian Catholic

East Syrian Catholic

Lithuanian Catholic

Romanian Catholic


Belorussian Catholic

Ethiopian Catholic

Malankar Catholic

Russian Catholic


Bulgarian Catholic

Greek Catholic

Maronite Catholic

Slovakian Catholic


Byzantine Slavonic

Greek Byzantine Catholic

Melkite (Greek) Catholic

Ukrainian Catholic


Carpatho-Russian Catholic

Hungarian Catholic

Mozarabic of Spanish

West Syrian Catholic


Coptic Catholic


Roman or Latin Catholic