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Accommodation options - St. Patrick's Intermediate School

The Federal Study Centre on Heron Road is proposed for sale and redevelopment, which will have implications for the adjacent / connected St. Patrick’s Intermediate School. At the same time, the Ministry of Education has introduced School Consolidation Capital funding, to assist school boards to reduce surplus space. A proposal to facilitate a consultation process for the accommodation was presented to the Board of Trustees on March 24, 2015. Details on the accommodation opportunities were presented and approval was obtained to proceed with the public consultation.

Two separate public consultation meetings were held to provide information regarding this issue, and receive comments from the community. This feedback will be used as accommodation options are developed.

St. Patrick’s High School School Addition

The OCSB has received $7.5 million in approved funding from the government of Ontario to help meet the needs of local students and accommodate changes to enrollment levels now and in the future. The new addition to St. Patrick's High School will accommodate over 250 students in grades 7 & 8 and support the closure & consolidation of students from St. Patrick’s Intermediate School.