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Student trustees are your student voice

Every school board in Ontario elects student trustees to represent the voice of their fellow students. The student trustees offer a student perspective during regular Board meetings, and serve to provide insight on how the Board can best meet the need of students. The student trustees are advised by a council made up of the student council presidents of each OCSB high school.

Former student trustees

School Year Student Trustees
2016-17 Sam Morency, Sebastian Chavez
2015-16 Mark Penner, Benjamin McLellan-Campbell
2014-15 Monica Silver, Daniel McInnis
2013-14 Jonathan Recoskie, Madeline Tater
2012-13 Laura D'Amico, Andrew DiCapua
2011-12 Jennifer Ham, Gabriela Bernal Astrain
2010-11 Laura Stemp, Michael Lutaaya
2009-10 Michael D'Angelo, Timi Boyo
2008-09 Tiana Tilli, Erin Peck
2007-08 Matthew Corluka, Geurogui Tanev
2006-07 Emma Urban, Kelsey O'Toole
2005-06 Philip MacDougall, Lisa Daly
2004-05 Atrisha Lewis, Isabella Kornas
2003-04 Kim Nelson
2002-03 Trevor Arnason
2001-02 Jubilee Jackson
2000-01 Jonathan Ng
1999-00 Sean Borg
1998-99 Tom Arnason

Student Trustees

Student trustees are elected by their peers on an annual basis. Follow our Student Trustees on Twitter @Whatsupstudents as they represent your student voice on Board issues. Email them at info@ocsb.ca.

Sam Morency
Mother Teresa High School
Sebastian Chavez
All Saints High School

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