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Learn more about a faith-based education

While the academic success of a child is very important, most would agree that it’s even more important that their child grows up to be a good person. At the OCSB, we provide an education that respects the universal values of all faiths, grounded in Catholic principles. Along with striving to provide the highest quality education, we emphasize the importance of social responsibility. So you can rest assured knowing that your child’s education is grounded in positive values, which will help them develop into active members of the global community.

Providing a well rounded education 

We provide academic excellence in French and English, and have some of the highest achievement scores in Ontario. But, education is more than teaching students how to do well on tests.

It’s about guiding the development of the whole child. We support the whole person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in a safe, diverse and respectful community. That means that along with encouraging students to achieve academic excellence, we focus on helping students develop into well-rounded adults ready to become the leaders of the future. Children are multi-faceted; they deserve an education that supports all aspects of their development.

Learning about world religions and family life

Our schools provide a distinctive faith-based educational experience that includes religion courses in secondary school. As an educational activity, students will have opportunities for the development of knowledge related to religious literacy, concepts and ideas, not only of Catholicism, but also of the religions of the world and philosophy. The "family life" component of the courses include learning about healthy relationships, anti-bullying, and moral decision-making connected to life issues.

Building character using values 

We've adopted a model for Catholic character formation, where Gospel values are at the foundation of our religious and family life teachings. Faith, hope, love, community, dignity of persons, excellence, justice, and stewardship for creation — these eight values motivate our students and add spiritual depth to their education. These themes permeate the culture of our schools as they are integrated into our curriculum and school life.

Meeting the gradutate expectations

Students on a journey toward graduation from a Catholic school in Ontario are challenged to meet Catholic Graduate Expectations (CGE). This set of expectations encourages our students to adopt a lifestyle whereby they never give up their spiritual and academic quest for knowledge.

Our faith in action

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Our Spiritual Theme

To remind our students and staff about the values they are encouraged to behold, we adopt a unique spiritual theme every two years. This year's theme, "Sent to Be the Good News," is enabling our staff, students and community to dig deep in the Gospel to make real and meaningful connections with our everyday lives. 

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