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Capital Educators' Awards 2013

The 2013 Capital Educators’ Awards were presented to the region’s most innovative and respected educators on May 23rd at the 12th Annual EduGala, held at Algonquin College. The Ottawa Catholic School Board is proud to recognize our 11 finalists who attended the special event, and congratulate the four (4)) award recipients.

Congratulations to all of the nominees!

Hosted by the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE), the annual event honours talented and dedicated professionals from all levels of education in our public education system who demonstrate teaching excellence and instil confidence and a passion for learning in their students. "Our educators play a critical role in this community. They are shaping the lives of and minds of roughly a quarter of a million students in Ottawa. This event is a fantastic way to showcase their achievements and recognize their contributions,” said Julian Hanlon, Director of Education, Ottawa Catholic School Board.


The Capital Educators’ Awards were created in 2001 by a group of business and education leaders who wanted to raise the profile of public education and to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Ottawa’s local educators.

The Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) hosts the Capital Educators’ Awards program in collaboration with ten participating education institutions, as well as through support from corporations and foundations who share ONFE's belief in the importance of celebrating excellence in education in our community. ONFE has played a lead role in developing over forty innovative education programs since its inception in 1985

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Nancy Anne Giroux, St. Mark High School - Award Recipient

Giroux Nancy_Anne

Overseeing a variety of learning environments, Nancy-Anne Giroux is uniquely qualified to teach earth, space and environmental science courses. Every semester she transforms the greenhouse attached to her classroom, into a miniature ecosystem containing plants and fish. Students are involved in the planning, work and maintenance. This way, she creates an environment whereby the students can learn in a unique and accessible way, and develop an understanding of nature. Nancy-Anne also schedules field trips which also expose her students to the wonder of nature and our obligation to its protection. She offers unique and creative methods of learning such as interactive presentations and presenter-run quizzes. Her level of enthusiasm also makes her an outstanding mentor to those who share her love of science. Intrinsically linked with these attributes is Nancy-Anne’s ability to instil confidence and a passion for learning which she imbues. Always bubbling with great optimism, she is an inspirational leader.

Glenn Greene, Immaculata High School - Award Recipient

Greene Glenn

Choosing to be a teacher in a specialized program, Glenn Greene is certainly not your “average” educator. His work with youth who have many challenges in their lives, such as homelessness, addiction issues, lack of family support, and conflict with the law, Glenn reaches out to every one of these “kids,” making a tremendous impact on their lives. His classroom is a safe, non-judgemental place, where youth are welcomed, independent of their challenges. Disturbances are handled in a calm, non-threatening manner. He empowers youth to believe in themselves and encourages them to try their best to reach their goals. Many students in their early 20’s return to let Glenn know they are now contributing members of society. For many, Glenn is the only constant in their lives. An exceptional teacher, he takes the time to teach and guide these youth that many people think will never fit into society.

Bernard Leger, St. Peter High School - Award Recipient

Leger Bernard

A champion teacher for Musical Theatre Specialist High Skills Major, Bernard Leger’s passion for the performing arts has translated into authentic learning experiences for his students through many local and provincial theatre partnerships. Bernard just doesn’t take his students to performances; he also looks for opportunities for them to learn from the masters. Being taught choreography and songs from professionals, as well as meeting these artists, has inspired a love of theatre for many. His students also create their own performances, from beginning to end - technical to set design. Many post-secondary thespians return to give back to his program - a place where it all started. If a course benefits his students, he offers to write it. If there is a community partnership that benefits students, he secures it. To be taught by Bernard is to have an educational experience that could change your life and open doors to the future.

Janet Whyte, St. Michael, Corkery School - Award Recipient

Whtye Janet

Not many teachers are so stimulating in their classrooms that they offer innovative programs and inspire students to excel personally and academically, but Janet Whyte is one. Parents feel like they’ve won the lottery when their child is placed in her class. With a reputation as a superb teacher, Janet offers a strong academic program, with an emphasis on literacy. Her classroom is filled with books as a means to inspire a love of learning through reading. An exceptionally creative teacher, she incorporates technology, visual and dramatic arts, manipulatives, role-playing, toys, and guest speakers into her lessons. Her focus on values, teaching children through her words and by example, also gives her students the softer skills necessary to excel in life. Janet co-directs with finesse the school choir and helps with the drama club. Her talent as a gifted quilter has also benefited the school. She is a truly remarkable role model!

Lidia Mihail, St. Anne School

Mihali Lidia

Many parents attest to the fact that Lidia Mihail has completely turned their children around in their French language studies. She instils confidence and motivates them by recognizing their strengths and interests. Lidia’s classes are structured, yet it is a place where everyone feels welcome. Responsive to her students’ needs and demonstrating compassion, students feel she is personally invested in each of them. Earlier this year, Lidia launched Club de Devoirs, a weekly French homework club for her grade five and six students. This gives students a chance to focus on current homework in a small team environment. Making the class challenging and fun, the students are realizing a strong foundation in French as they move to French immersion in high school. The extra time she devotes to her class outside school hours serves to strengthen trust, respect and understanding between Lidia and her students. She has that special spark.

Jodie Inglis, McMaster Catholic School

Inglis Jodie

A child's first teacher can impact their school experience for many years. Jodie Inglis has been a kindergarten teacher of excellence and distinction whose positive influence has impacted all students from junior kindergarten to Grade 6 and beyond. She is a dedicated teacher whose warm, joyful and nurturing demeanour is reflected in her approach; in how she teaches children to respect one another by listening, caring, and taking responsibility for their actions; and by reminding them that they all have special gifts. The consummate volunteer, Jodie supervises and trains the cross-country team and attends their evening soccer games. She leads the school choir, bringing smiling faces and perfectly pitched voices to local nursing homes. There is always one special teacher that even as adults we remember so fondly as standing out from the rest as a positive, encouraging and nurturing role model. Jodie Inglis is that teacher for so many.

Stephanie Brousseau, St. Gabriel School

Brousseau Stephanie
Stephanie Brousseau has a natural rapport with everyone she meets. Her positive attitude and ready smile are so appreciated as she builds that all important school-home relationship. She is committed to connecting with parents through Twitter, e-mails, regular notes and newsletters. Her ability to nurture and help students with their academic skills can often be attributed to Stephanie’s special “tricks” for reading and writing. Students having difficulties in class, blossom with this type of teaching. They also work hard and are motivated to achieve learning challenges to earn rewards for learning new things. Stephanie is also known for her assistance to parents as she develops and presents different ways that they can help their child at home. Her belief is that if it isn’t fun, then it may be more difficult for some children to learn. School for these children has turned from despair to joy - no small thanks to Stephanie.

Anne Patrick, St. Paul High School

Patrick Anne

The relationship gained between Anne Patrick and her students is hard to come across just anywhere, but it can always be found in her classroom. Never leaving any of her students behind, Anne ensures that all are learning to the best of their ability. Forming a positive classroom environment where all feel welcome and appreciated, she is always happy; laughing and smiling with students, making little jokes to their great amusement. Students find Anne a great influence as the editor of many of the textbooks they use. She extends her knowledge to her students as they simply “drink in” all that she has to offer including advice on how to pursue their future dreams. It is easy to see Anne’s passion for the profession she has chosen. As her nominator writes, “. . . we believe that she can very well be one of the best teachers out there.”

Michelle Leni, St. Patrick's High School

Leni Michele

Michelle Leni is an active and enthusiastic participant in teaching the innovative and engaging teaching strategies that Differentiated Instruction (DI) promotes. She works tirelessly to learn and then instruct this approach in her classroom, thereby providing an engaging and authentic learning experience for her students. Her dedication to DI drew the attention of the Ministry of Education and subsequently, she was chosen as one of the teachers filmed for an educational, professional learning DVD. This video has been widely distributed across the province. Michelle is a spirited and zealous individual deeply committed to student success and professional growth. Her teaching strategies instil confidence in her students, who use descriptive feedback to enhance their learning in positive and encouraging ways. As a role model to many, Michelle is deeply involved in DI mentorships. As such, she leads and inspires others to embrace the innovative teaching strategies she is so passionate about.

Diane Giroux, Prince of Peace School

Giroux Diane

A strong and confident educator, Diane Giroux may appear to be a strict teacher on the outside, but when alone with her students, she transforms them with caring and nurturing, into resilient, confident, and educated children. When presented with a child who has behavioural issues, Diane approaches the situation with compassionate understanding and appropriate discipline. These children form a special bond with Diane, which extends into their future years. When a parent contacts Diane with worries and anxiety concerning their child, she reassures and reminds them that their child is fine and probably just strong-minded. It is certainly no surprise that in many cases, this child goes on to receive the “Most Improved” award at the school. Diane is also revered by her peers. They continue to marvel at her ability to genuinely reach out to her individual students and help them become the wonderful child they are capable of being.

Cathy O'Doherty, St. Pius X High School

ODoherty Cathy

An outstanding educator for over 33 years, Cathy O’Doherty has impacted many students, providing mentorship for staff and defining the role of the student success teacher. She works tirelessly to ensure students are introduced to numerous instructional strategies aimed at meeting each of their educational needs. Cathy’s goal is to ensure that each student is afforded ever opportunity to succeed. Generous offers of her time and her creative teaching style all combine to make this target a reality. Success is always the only plan for Cathy’s students. She recently started a committee to encourage grade nine students to earn their 40 hours community work before the end of grade nine. She is also an active volunteer in the community. Cathy is a founding member of the National Capitals Volleyball Club, now known as Fusion. She is presently serving on the Team Ontario Mission Staff for the 2014 Canadian Summer Games Committee.