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Direct your school support through MPAC

When you register your child in one of our schools, you are supporting Catholic education. Another way to support Catholic education is to direct your school support to Catholic schools. This tax allocation is done through the government of Ontario and the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Your education taxes are pooled with those from all taxpayers in Ontario. This rate is mandated by the province. The money is then redistributed equally on a per pupil basis to all school boards in Ontario.

We urge you to check your property tax bill to ensure that your support is directed to the the Catholic Board.  By default, property taxes are automatically directed to public schools unless you notify MPAC otherwise.  As an English Separate school supporter (ES), you help to promote a strong political voice through your elected Trustee in ensuring your rights to a Catholic education in the province.

Check the assessment section of your tax bill

As a residential English Catholic school supporter, the assessment section of your tax bill should have "ES" written in the Tax Class field. This stands for English Separate. Select this option in order to direct your school support to English Catholic schools. If “ES” does not appear on your tax bill, and you want to be designated as a separate school supporter, download and complete the Direction of School Support Application.

Criteria to support Catholic education

  • Only Catholic homeowners and tenants are eligible to designate their support to Catholic schools. If one partner in the house is non-Catholic, complete the Separate School Assessment Lease Form.
  • You cannot divide your school support between the public and Catholic sectors.
  • If you do not have children registered at an OCSB school, you can still choose to support Catholic education. Just make sure that "ES" appears in the assessment section of your tax bill. If “ES” does not appear in this section, complete the Direction of School Support Application as explained above.


How to submit the documentation

Use the Contact Us form on the MPAC website.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Phone: 1-866-296-6722
Fax: 1-866-297-6703

Are you moving?

When you move, your school support automatically defaults to public schools, directing your voice away from your Catholic school community. Check your assessment notice carefully if you move to make the necessary adjustments.
Are you on the voter's list?

To find out for sure, call MPAC. Provide them with your address and date of birth to see if you are on the voter's list.

Call 1-866-296-6722