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Algonquin Achievement Centre

Students who can attend this achievement centre

The Algonquin Achievement Centre offers 16- to 18-year-olds the opportunity to complete high school credits and get a high school diploma. This program is technology-driven, highly individualized and allows students to explore and prepare for college and/or apprenticeship programs.
The location of the Centre allows students to take part in Algonquin College’s services, activities and facilities. Mentoring opportunities with Algonquin students and staff are available to our students.


Students will be engaged and motivated to achieve credits and gain a high school diploma. This program also helps students successfully complete the requirements for further education or employment.


“I am now in college in a program I like.” – Stephanie

“I loved this program – it made me more responsible for my learning.” – Ben

“I had a chance to see different programs at the college.” – Tawnee

“It gave me an opportunity to finish my high school courses and start a program at college.” – Melanie