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Emergency procedures for crisis situations

Our priority is your child's safety. Sometimes, a crisis situation can unfold inside or near an Ottawa Catholic school which could possibly threaten the safety of our staff and students. To protect everyone involved, we have developed specific emergency procedures to deal with potential threats.  

We invite you to become familiar with these procedures. It is important that all members of our school community feel safe when they are in our schools. Learn more about the reasons for an emergency response, what happens in the classroom, and how we communicate these situations to parents. 

1. Shelter in Place - low level response to threat
 Students stay inside the building due a potential threat outside.

2. Secure School - moderate level response
 Students stay in their classrooms and all building doors are locked.

3. Lockdown - highest level response 
 Students remain silent behind locked classroom doors, with the lights off, until 911 arrives.

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The procedures were formed in partnership with the Ottawa Police Service, and are based on the Guidelines for Developing and Maintaining Lockdown Procedures for Schools in Ontario.