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School Breakfast Program

Research show that kids learn better when they have a good breakfast in their stomach. That is why over half of our schools have a breakfast program - to ensure their students have a chance to start their day well. These programs welcome students that may have challenges starting the day with breakfast at home and encourage them to have a healthy breakfast at their school. School breakfast programs are run with support from fundraising, donations, the City of Ottawa, and Ottawa Network for Education / Ottawa School Breakfast Program.

Promoting Healthy Eating in Our Schools

Several of our Board's schools are participating in healthy eating activities designed to encourage students to make healthy food choices. Below are some of the initiatives underway in our schools. 

Throughout the year, certain days are designed 'healthy snack day' when students are asked to only bring healthy snack and lunches.  To promote healthy alternatives for snack, Apple Day is a program that happens in the Fall, where apples are donated by owners of a local Apple Orchard and each child receives an apple.

Students are encouraged to submit a joke based on fruits and vegetables to be entered into a draw to have their joke read over the PA system during the announcements on Fridays.

Each Friday, the students at St. Luke are asked to pack fruits and veggies for both the morning and afternoon snacks to promote healthy eating. Two student representatives for H.A.S. read tips to promote healthy eating, physical activity, healthy living and social issues each Monday morning on the announcements. 

Students are served a hot lunch twice a month by the school council as well as provided with daily milk. 

The school is working with High Needs coordinator and educational assistant with a culinary background to teach students how to prepare healthy lunch time alternatives for students who do not ordinarily have the opportunity to learn these skills.