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Freggie Fridays

What was that I heard you say? Eat your fruits and veggies today!

ocsb photo of freggie friday mascotYou’ll hear that chant often when Freggie™, a life-size mascot, and his friends visit Ottawa Catholic schools. The Freggie™ presentation helps students understand the benefits of making healthy eating choices for their lunches and snacks. The program is designed to encourage children to choose fruits and vegetables as part of their snacks and lunches every day, but especially on Freggie Fridays™, and helps them understand why nutrition is so important for their overall health. There is also a special website where students can write to Freggie and do other healthy eating activities. Participating schools are also eligible to win a $1,000 grant towards healthy living activities within the school!

The Freggie Fridays™ program is currently running as a pilot project in several schools in the Board. The program is being carried out in partnership with the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and CHEO’s Healthy Active Living and Obesity research team who are working to measure the impact of the Freggie Friday™ program.

Freggie™ made a special visit to the Ottawa catholic School Board administration office in June 2011, bringing a bunch of healthy goodies to share. Photo, from left to right: Linda Mosley (CPMA), OCSB Director of Education Julian Hanlon; Stephanie Dunne; Kathy Hodgins, Deputy Director of Education Denise Andre; and Melanie Richer (CPMA).

ocsb photo of staff with freggie friday mascot