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School locator - Find your "home" school

Finding your home school is the first step towards joining our school community. Enter your address and your child's grade level into our school locator tool to find detailed information about your OCSB home school. Contact Admissions@ocsb.ca if you need help finding the information you are looking for. 

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If more than one school appears

If more than one school appears in your results, you live in an option area. This means you have a choice of which school your child can attend. These areas exist to sometimes improve balance between schools, address overcrowding at school, or phase in a proposed boundary change. Once you choose to attend a particular school in an option area, you remain at that school unless you move to a new address. Contact the Planning Department for more information about option areas.

If no school name appears

The data in the school locator is for the current school year only. Attendance boundary adjustments and new residential street network data is continuously updated in the school locator to provide the most accurate search results. However, data for some new home constructions or other anomalies may not yet be included. Official confirmation of school eligibility must be obtained by contacting the respective school.

Every school has a boundary

Every school has a school boundary

Each school has a boundary associated with it. The boundary is also known as zone, catchment area or attendance area. This means that even though you and a friend live in the same neighbourhood, your children could have different “home” schools because one of you may live right on the edge of the boundary line. If you would like to register your child in an OCSB school that is not their home school, you will need to apply for a cross-boundary transfer. To apply for a cross-boundary transfer, you must first contact your home school unless it’s for reasons related to childcare. Learn more about cross-boundary transfers

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